The Land Before Time

6.5 30 min
The Land Before Time is an animated television series, based on the Land Before Time film series. It had been developed for tv by Ford Riley for Amblin Entertainment and Universal Animation Studios, and first premiered on YTV in Canada for an evaluation on January 5, 2007. The show premiered on Cartoon Network in the USA on March 5, 2007 following the DVD release of The Land Before Time XII: The Great Day of the Flyers. It aired Boomerang in the Uk on April 16, 2007. It premiered in Japan on Kids Station in May 2007. The primary season has started broadcasting on Cartoon Network India, with its premiere on April 7, 2008. The show has now aired on Cartoon Network in the USA nor in Canada since March 2008. It aired on Spacetoon in January 1, 2011 following Spacetoon English closed and also the Spacetoon Group was rebranded. It aired on Tv Russia in May 2, 2009 following Television Russia Service Television closed. It had been made since traditionally-animated with backgrounds, which the sequels from The Land Before Time X: The Great Longneck Migration onwards have used, together with occasional cel-shaded computer personalities in shots. The antagonists in the show are Red Claw, an evil villainous Tyrannosaurus, also Screech and Thud, two henchmen Velociraptors. The Television series takes place The Wisdom of Friends.
Released: 2007-03-05
Production: Universal Television

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